SensatioN 4

SenatioN ROM is great. By combining one of the best User Interfaces available for Android Phones, with a lot of new features, this rom offers a great user experience. Based on Samsung firmwares, SensatioN ROM takes the advantage of solid drivers, using phone resources in a very efficient way, while improving battery life. All you have to do, is try SenatioN ROM. You will love it!

Android. Redesigned

SensatioN ROM has taked Android Use Interface to a higher level. Offering a modern design for core applications, using new animations and a higher grade of transparency through the interface, SensatioN ROM offer an unique look.

Refined Elements

When designing SensatioN 4, a great attention has been given to details. Graphical elements have been carefully designed and places inside the applications, offering not just a great UI, but a high quality one.


Whether you need a torch, new toggles, or lockscreens or you simply want to have a great-looking ROM installed on your phone, SensatioN ROM full fills all your wishes. JKay Framework, Call Recording, are just some of the great improvements.

- Based on XWLPT
- Syiah Kernel 4.1.5
- Deodexed
- Zip-Aligned
- Rooted

- Pop-Up Video Player
- TouchWiz UX
- 14 Status Bar Toggles
- Transparent Status Bar
- New icons

- SensatioN 4 Theme
- CRT Animation
- 4 Way Reboot
- Solid Explorer
- What's Up included