SensatioN 4

SensatioN 4 has come, after a long period of waiting, but I hope the result will satisfy the most of you. The user-experience offered by SensatioN ROM is unique, because even though it’s based on a Samsung Firmware, it benefits of an unique interface. SensatioN bring also new functions in the addition of standard one, but without overloading the phone: it’s balanced.

Main features of SensatioN 4:
-Siyah Kernel 4.1.5 (you can change it to whatever you want)
-Based on XWLPT
-SensatioN 4 themed apps:
–Samsung Keyboard
–MMS(work in progress)
–Video Player (work in progress)
-14 Toggles (thanks to lidroid framework)
-4 way reboot(thanks to kahvitara)
-14 new application icons
-Note Gallery (thanks to danieldmm)
-Modded Samsung Keyboard (comma on first page)
-Transparent Status Bar
-Call Recording
-TouchWiz UX (thanks to Smando)
-Google Gallery

Additional Apps:
-QuickPanel Settings
-SolidExplorer (a wonderful file explorer – Thank to Hannibal226 for suggestion)

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